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Ashford Update Pt 3

The latest news from a chilly Elwick Place, courtesy of our MD (and officially crowned Kent Food & Drink Hero), Stefano…

Damn… Those tracks are longer than I anticipated! With timelines set and tradesfolk lined up in tight formation, I overlooked that Kentish, winter temperatures are not conducive to quick drying floors!

As a result, the need to extend screeding and resin by a fortnight has given me a headache, and along with it, breathing space for our team.

Christmas is then upon us and with it family time. My, what was once considered ‘youthful’ exuberance, has meant I shot a little high with our December opening date and we are now aiming to open in the new year.

My sister’s birthday celebrations have now migrated to the Curious Brewery – the fantastic new brewery and dining rooms from our friends at Chapel Down, which is only a stone’s throw from our new site at Elwick Place and is well worth a visit.

We are looking forward to being part of this burgeoning food & drink scene that is taking a grip of Ashford. From its vineyards, breweries & cider makers to its milk producers, ice cream makers & farmers, Ashford and its surroundings are teaming with stunning produce and this is one of the great attractions for us to the town.

Having now spent a lot more time in Ashford, I am also discovering the excellent bars, cafés and restaurants already here. Highlights include Hopstuff Taproom, Made Inn, The Glasshouse, Stag Coffee, Coachworks and all its residents, as well as a family favourite – The Everest Inn for dry fried fish!

I am sure there is much more out there still to discover but what is really clear is that Ashford is fast becoming a food & drink destination like no other and it is exciting to think we will soon be part of this somewhat underappreciated food and drink scene.

So really, it was with that excitement that I began shouting too early about our opening!

The building works are cracking on but I now accept that we won’t be opening our doors until 2020. Of course, I am sorry to all of you who were hoping to join us for your Christmas and New Years celebrations in Ashford, but we would love to welcome you in Faversham instead.

This does mean that we will have more time to plan for opening and train our team, so we will really hit the ground running. If ever you are passing the site beforehand, then do knock on the door and ask to take a peek. Pete, our newly appointed General Manager of Elwick Place, is usually around and will be happy to introduce himself & our plans.

In the meantime, I will keep you up to date with what we are doing in preparation for opening. Look out for plenty of news on our menus, team training, producers & products you can expect to find, as well as the roster of events and experiences we will be delivering onsite.

Thank you for your patience – I too am ‘chomping at the bit’ to throw open the doors – and as always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

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