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Coxys New Year Drinks

Our friends from Coxy’s Liqueurs provide some festive drinks inspiration for the party season…

2020 is fast approaching, but not before we bid farewell to the 2010s with the peak of the party season – New Year’s Eve. Here are our suggestions for what to drink as you ring in the new year (and the new decade) using our award-winning Gins, Liqueurs & Shrubs infused with Kent whole fruit, honey & botanicals…

Gin Based

Drink Coxy’s whole fruit, flower & honey infused gins with a good tonic or in a Martini with a twist. Try Lavender Gin with pink grapefruit or Pink Gin with homemade lemonade.

Our festive fave is Spiced Honey Gin served with a generous slice of clementine & some crushed juniper berries.


Great in cocktails, drunk long with mixers or for sipping simply over ice. Try our 3 Great Taste Star Elderflower & Honey as a Mojito with rum, mint & lime. Or try our take on a Negroni with Coxy’s Damson & Ginger or Plum & Cardamom as an alternative to regular gin.

Our festive fave is Coxy’s Cherry Bomb – a mouthwatering blend of Morello Cherry, Amaretto & Limoncello (think Cherry Bakewell) that we serve with fizz or soda. Or try our Blackcurrant & Liquorice or Raspberry & Rose Liqueurs for a deliciously different twist on a classic Kir Royale.

Cocktail Blends

Coxy’s Premixed Cocktails are ready to go, so they are the perfect choice if you want to keep things simple. Try our Damson Negroni as it is or drink it long with soda. Or sip our Cherry Bomb with lemonade, soda or sparkling wine. Try our Coffee & Cardamom Martini shaken or stirred and our Elderflower & Honey Mojito with elderflower tonic.


Coxy’s alcohol free cocktail cordials (or shrubs) are made with whole fruit & apple cider vinegar. We like them mixed with soda, ice, fruit & mint.

You can also blend them with your favourite alcohol. Our festive fave is Spiced Damson Shrub over ice with gin & topped up with a sharp & cloudy apple juice (we like Duskins) & a dash of soda.

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