All Christmas

Free Range Turkey Crown

from £81.00

Ideal for smaller gatherings, our turkey crowns are quicker to cook and simple carve, whilst still tasting just as good as a full-size turkey. Our free range, slow grown turkeys are sourced from our friends and trusted suppliers in Herne Hill, just outside Faversham.

Turkey crowns will be available for delivery or collection from Thursday 21st December. Please specify the day you wish to collect your turkey or have it delivered when you checkout.

Order and pay online in advance. Turkeys & turkey crowns are available for delivery & collection from Thursday 21st December 2022. Please specify the day you wish to collect your crown or have it delivered at checkout.


Sam's family have been farming in Kent for over 100 years, specialising in apples, pears, plums and of course, turkeys.

Sam is extremely passionate about his turkeys and their welfare. All of the turkeys are free range and spend their days roaming and foraging for food around the farm’s apricot trees. They even get hand fed treats of surplus fruit from the farm, so they certainly get their five a day!

Sam is proud to be an accredited farmer with the Golden Turkey Quality Assurance Guarantee. The guarantee was established in 1984 and is the highest UK standard for the finest Christmas turkeys.