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Square Root Soda

Hackney soda makers using zero artificial additives.

Ed & Robyn started Square Root from their kitchen in 2012 selling ginger beer at a local farmers market. Soon producing new flavours every week, they enlisted 1920s delivery tricycle, Elsie, and started peddling around London serving the thirsty crowds at KERB street food markets.

Blown away by growing demand for the drinks, in 2013 Square Root Soda Works was founded, with the aim of creating innovative new drinks that have had as much effort put into making them as quality alcoholic drinks. Small batch sodas didn’t really exist then so, using their expertise in brewing they invented and repurposed the equipment needed to get going.

The drinks are made using fresh ingredients, juiced or infused by their team of skilled Soda Jerks (technical term!). The whole production process is controlled in-house, which is completely unique in the market and means that every drink is the best it can be.

With this unique control, Square Root create extraordinary drinks with guaranteed quality and zero artificial additives. We stock the cucumber & strawberry sodas, both of the tonics (all amazing!), plus the Das Radler, which is a fab, low-alcohol shandy, which we’re enjoying a great deal out on our new Deck.

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