Wishing You a Merry Christmas

Written by: Stefano Cuomo
22 Dec

and a Happy New Year... from all the team at Macknade!

Coming from farming stock, and surrounded by family here in our little corner of Kent, Christmas has always been about coming together and celebrating these important, intimate familial bonds.

I grew up taking it for granted, and this year, the season that is Christmas, has felt even more important.

As we work our way through a testing and dynamic world, the constant, familiar, warmth of long-term, shared love really is a guiding light, and it is our community that we turn to reaffirm this, and bathe in what makes us human.

We call it 'fireside feeling' – the warm and healing satisfaction you get, sat in front of a fire, flames flickering, heat emanating, surrounded by family & friends. It brings a deep, deep sense of contentment.

I will have a household full of family & friends this Christmas, and at my table will be the incredible produce that our Macknade team have sourced and prepared. Always delicious and wonderful!

My family and I know we are blessed to have this in our lives. For me, the most powerful element, is that as I sit to enjoy it (thankful to all those involved in delivering it!), I will be sharing it with you all, my extended Macknade family.

Here at Macknade it means everything that an ever growing number of you entrust us with the dear responsibility of bringing Christmas to you and your closest... so, thank you!

Let’s share that warmth together, and perhaps even extend it to those we might not normally, and have a wonderful Christmas.

Best wishes,
Stefano & all the team