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Greengrocery update from our Buyer, Daniel – 11th September 2018.

Organic & Naturally Grown

There will be several new items coming in this week from Ripple Farm Organics, including celery. We will also have Purple Arran Victory and Red Amelie potatoes – both of which should be easy to spot with their bright skins. Make sure to try them out as the flesh inside is coloured too!

Autumn is definitely on the horizon and we have several varieties of squash on offer, including Turks Turban, Spaghetti, Gem, Acorn, Patty Pan, Crown Prince and Kaboucha.

In addition to our lemon basil, purple basil & garlic chives, we’ll also be introducing some new herbs – apple mint, lime basil & lemon basil.

Local, Local, Local!

The new season red potatoes have also just started and we are currently waiting for the first delivery of potatoes from the Tenterden Potato Shop, who are starting to harvest now. Keep your eyes peeled (no pun intended!) for these too.

Apples – a Kentish staple – continue to taste great and plums are going strong too.

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