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Macknade At Hoopers

Our MD Stefano shares a few words about our exciting new venture in Tunbridge Wells!

Next year our family will have been at Macknade for 175yrs.

In that time, we have seen much change!

As a family business we have moved from the sharp end of the supply chain, growing and producing, to the ‘fluffier’, service end!

Whilst this has seen significant operational changes, what has always stayed true is our belief in the power of food and drink to create, maintain and enrich communities.

Quality produce is at the heart of all we do, and we see Macknade simply as the conduit linking the growers and artisans with our community.

A New Partnership Sparked By Wine & Pannettone

The recognition of what Macknade represents is getting traction with a wider and wider audience and it is in this context that Debra, Managing Director of Hoopers and self-proclaimed Macknade fan, came to us with a proposal for revamping the food and drink offer at their iconic Tunbridge Wells store

Having bonded over wine and Panettone, at one of our events several years ago, we discussed the similarities between Hoopers and Macknade. Both are generational family businesses, at the heart of their communities, focused on quality and providing loving service, plus we’re both the shop window and story tellers for so many wonderful producers. There was a clear fit!

Our plans for Hoopers

So, after much planning, we have taken the plunge!

To start, we will bring our café and dining offer to Hoopers.  As we find our rhythm and Tunbridge Wells discovers us, we will bring in more retail and events – leading to our full Macknade Experience.

We have September in our sights, and our simple aim, as always, is to deliver a space that  Tunbridge Wells will be proud of. A favourite place!

Be Part Of Macknade's Mission

I am proud of the wonderful team we have at Macknade, who all work tirelessly to create spaces where people can come together over a shared love of food and drink.  Now, we’re looking for passionate people to join us on our mission and help us shape a favourite place for the Tunbridge Wells community.

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