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Ashford Update Pt 5

Our fifth & final installment from Stefano as we open the doors to Elwick Place…

I don’t know what to say…just…WOW!!!!

A little dramatic I know, but this has been a long time coming. We are now OPEN at Elwick Place!!

What has stayed with me over these weeks, months, and in fact years, is the affection and love of everyone in and around Macknade.

Those involved at the coal face of the Elwick Place project have thrown everything into it, but the team holding the fort in Faversham have been just as important, as have all of you coming in day after day asking us how it was going, showing your support and pride in being part of what we are trying to achieve.

The Macknade team is now a family of over 100, and for me it feels no different from the balmy summers days of the early eighties when I would chase my sister through fields of strawberries, tayberries and yellow raspberries on the Ashford Road at Fir Tree Farm… magical!!

Elwick Place is fantastic and I am so proud of the team. Of course, it has some ironing out to do (and your feedback, as ever, is hugely appreciated) but it already has that Macknade feeling… You come in and straight away relax as you are met by smiling faces and damn good food!

Pete is leading the team as GM and Alison & Emily are providing rock solid support, channeling Macknade through and through. Romu, our Head Chef, has just started and we will soon be open in the evenings (more on that later!).

Having had two weeks to get open, and fly on adrenaline during our soft launch, we are now starting to bed in the structure that will carry us forward through the Spring, into Easter and towards the sunshine… And yes, there will be seats outside to enjoy our Kentish Summer in its full glory!

Thank you all for your patience and please do come down and say hello to the team. At the moment, we are open each day from 9am to 5pm, and will look to increase the hours in the coming weeks once everyone has found their feet.

I tend to be flitting between Faversham and Ashford, so you can always catch me for an espresso. Let us know what you think and what we could do better!

Macknade is about all of us. It is about creating spaces that everyone can feel a part of and feel is theirs…a place to trust, feel safe and at home…a place to share.

Thank you again for you patience and for your support, but most of all thank you to all my team at Macknade. From the stores and shop floor of our Flagship to the shining new lights of Elwick Place, you all swell me with pride…thank you!


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