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Yoga classes upstairs at Macknade.

WHEN: Friday & Saturday Mornings at 9.30am & Monthly Tuesday Sessions at 9.30am

Flow Yoga is a mixed ability yoga class, using Hatha which incorporates dynamic and static postures, breathing techniques and mindfulness relaxation. The style is designed to cultivate calmness whilst raising awareness of mind and body, improving flexibility, stamina and strength.

Yin Yoga is a slower paced yoga, where you’ll learn to hold the postures for longer, improving mobility and flexibility by targeting the joints and going deeper into your body tissues. The slower pace also provides the opportunity to practice and develop a deeper level of mindfulness.

Yoga courses run in 4 week blocks. Booking is available for the full course or pay as you go, if there is availability.

For more information and to book please see Lorna’s website: LDV Yoga | Classes | United Kingdom,  or contact Lorna directly via email: or phone: 07769904696.

You can also contact her via Facebook and Instagram.

Lorna Lailey de Ville is British Wheel of Yoga and Yin Yoga Trained

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