Our Story

Macknade Fine Foods is the South East’s leading food hall, built on a 170 year history of food, farming and retailing in Faversham. At Macknade we are passionate about food and drink and love sharing our experience with friends, family and first time visitors.

Our Story - Macknade Fine Foods

Our Story

Macknade Fine Foods – Food, Family & Friends Since 1847.

Macknade Fine Foods is one of the country’s leading food halls, built on a 170 year history of food, farming and retailing in Faversham.

Stefano Cuomo, our Managing Director, is the sixth generation of the family business here at Macknade. His great, great, great grandfather, Fredrick Neame Snr, was the first to bring the family to Macknade in 1847, where they farmed the land for the first five generations. During this time, Macknade Farm was one of the region’s leading growers, nationally renowned for its hard fruit, hops and livestock. In 1947 pears from the Macknade orchards were served at the wedding of Princess Elizabeth to Phillip Mountbatten.

By the 1970s, the world was changing, and with pressure from international exports, there was a need to diversify. This is where we come to Macknade Fine Foods in its present incarnation as one of the UK’s leading independent retailers, which opened the same year Stefano was born – in 1979.

Patricia Neame and Renato Cuomo (Stefano’s parents) were the pioneers behind the new venture. Originally from the island of Ischia in the Bay of Naples, Renato joined Patricia in Faversham and brought with him his continental, all encompassing food culture. What started life as a tent in a field offering Pick Your Own is now a 10,000sqft food hall, delicatessen & café dedicated to showcasing the very best food & drink… with influences from Italy, Kent and all over the world.

Our Vision & Values

We no longer farm the land, but our food hall is right at the heart of where we started some 170 years ago and our heart is, just as it has always been, in our food and the people we share it with.

Our vision today is to be the best loved and most trusted name in food & drink, creating spaces that deliver personal aspiration, support & grow communities, and allow us to appreciate & protect our world through the shared joy of food and drink. This is supported by our five core values, which we try to embody every day:


We are a pragmatic business, but we can only exist as long as we are adding value to our community. Our Trinity of Customers, Suppliers & Staff are at the heart of this, but we strive to have a positive impact on the wider community, including those that are yet to find or engage with us.


This is more than just family ties. This is about the relationship we have with our families and the fundamental feeling of security. Our community must be able to trust in us implicitly and we must trust in one another too. We will make mistakes and we expect to be challenged on what we do, but we will always remain accountable for our actions.


We have been at the heart of the community for over 170 years and we intend to be here for 170 more. We will grow responsibly and always think about the long-term impact of our decision making. We want to exist in a sustainable world, so our social & environmental strategy is paramount. We will lead by example in the fight to lower business & consumer impact on our society & our world.


We will be the best we can be by learning all that we can from the world around us and sharing that knowledge with others. We are inquisitive and seek to find the best way of doing things… whether that’s in our products, producers or processes.


Above all else, we must be happy in everything we do. To be everyone’s ‘Favourite Place’ demands happiness and that is not just our own happiness, but the happiness of everyone around us too. We will only pursue avenues that bring joy to us as a collective, even though there may be times when we don’t all agree.

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