At Macknade, we want you to savour and enjoy meat for its provenance, quality and flavour. This is an experience we enhance with the skill of our butchers and full transparency over where our meat comes from.

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Our promise is to provide the best tasting meat, delivering the best eating experience we can.

We believe that meat is not a commodity for thoughtless everyday eating, but that it should be special, something to be enjoyed & truly savoured.

We know to achieve this the meat has to come from well cared for animals and thoughtful farming & husbandry.

Working closely with farmers, producers and game dealers, we carefully select a range of premium fresh meat for our butchery counter.

We are a certified butcher of pasture-fed meat and work with several farms that are certified by the Pasture Fed Livestock Association – an organisation who champion British farmers dedicated to only feeding their animals on a natural diet of grasses, wildflowers & herbs.

From lamb, pork and beef that is full of flavour, through to the highest grade chickens and game, our focus in the butchery is on quality, skill & provenance.

Simon, our Head Butcher, has many years’ experience as a Butcher & Chef and cuts our meat as it should be, and as you request. We are also happy to source hard to find meat from our suppliers – all you need to do is ask.

Simon and the team cure our bacon in-house and make a variety of different sausages using traditional and unusual blends. We also work with local game dealers to select the best game from estates across the South East. This includes venison, rabbits, hares, partridge and duck when in season. Please check availability by calling our butchery team.

Our butchery is also heavily influenced by international flavours. Italian style sausages, packed with fresh meat and fennel seeds, are regularly available; as is South African Boerewors. And this is not forgetting the seasonal fare of haggis & faggots, made to our own family recipe!

Underlying this is our butchery promise: To provide the best quality meat, with the best provenance, using the very best skills, which you can read about below.

Our Butchery Promise

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