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Anne MacLaren

Anne owns another of our our favourite Faversham businesses and can be spotted in our butchery most weeks.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I moved to Faversham 35 years ago and 7 years ago co-founded Creek Creative Gallery, Studios & Café. I love cooking and see it as relaxation. We shop at Macknade weekly and appreciate the range of quality produce; particularly from the butchery who give great advice on various cuts of meat & cooking techniques – it has spurned a new range of ideas.

What food do you especially like to eat/cook?

I am fairly adventurous and cook from a wide range of cuisines.

What cuisines inspire you/do you enjoy most?

Italian food will always be my favourite, mainly because of the simplicity and the way the cuisine relies on fresh produce of a high quality.

How long have you been shopping with us?

I first started shopping with Macknade in the early 80’s!

How would you describe Macknade to someone who hasn't been before?

Macknade is a place I always bring visitors to shop from many parts of the world – America, Holland, Ireland – they are all impressed! It is a unique destination and one we are proud to bring people to experience.

What do you regularly buy?

We regularly buy fruit, veg & meat. We love the gluten-free range of pasta & goat’s cheese, as well as biltong and flat iron steak.  My daughter Caitlin is gluten and dairy-free so the goat’s cheese is purchased on a weekly basis – the pasta and baking products are also essential.

What from Macknade would you take to a desert island?

We would definitely take biltong & flat iron steak.

What three products from Macknade would you recommend to a friend?

I would recommend the breads, flat iron steak and gluten free pasta. We also particularly like the pasture-fed beef and the merguez sausages, which are high quality. We appreciate the fact that the meat in particular is not full of additives and we know where it comes from. The flavour is better than anything found elsewhere!

Which local restaurants/pubs would you recommend?

Creek Creative Café has a wonderful gluten-free menu freshly cooked on a daily basis.

What would you tell someone visiting us to do locally while they are in the area?

Abbey Street is a beautiful, well-preserved street. The Physic Garden and creekside area is also a friendly place with a creative, lively pulse.

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