Rethink how you drink

Written by: jackie oakley
27 Jan

Has your Dry January already come to an early end? Don’t beat yourself up, instead do your bit for the environment and rethink how you drink with our new sustainable wine offer.  We’ve joined forces with Sustainable Wine Solutions from Borough Wines so you can buy eco-friendly wine using their bottle return and refill service. Enjoy your favourite wines and help the environment at the same time!

Borough Wines have done all the hard work for you when it comes to eco-friendly wine consumption.  They consider everything from the grapes used, the packaging methods, to the transportation of the wines, in order to be a truly sustainable supplier without compromising on the quality of the wines. 

It’s really simple to get involved …

  • Pop into the Wine Store at Macknade Faversham or Ashford
  • Choose your wine, from a great selection of classics and interesting varieties. If you’re not sure what to choose, our wine experts are on hand to help.
  • Enjoy at home – with some delicious cheese maybe?
  • Next time you pop into Macknade, bring back your bottle which will be cleaned, sterilized and reused.

By reusing instead of recycling, the carbon footprint of each bottle is reduced by up to 95%. Every bottle returned saves the energy involved in manufacturing, transporting, and disposing or recycling of another unnecessary glass bottle.

The small, independent producers on offer from Sustainable Wine Solutions are from Europe only, to limit food miles, and they are dedicated to practising sustainable viticulture, with most being certified organic and vegan. 

To celebrate this new partnership, why not come down to our Faversham store for a free wine tasting session to try some of the wines available from the range? The session will take place from 12 – 4pm on Saturday the 5th of February.

For tips on food and wine matching, check out how to Pair Like a Pro here.


Top Tip: When you’ve finished your bottle, simply pop it with your reusable shopping bags as a reminder to bring it back next time.