Meet the Supplier: Sustainable Wine Solutions

Written by: Amie Poole
11 May

Having stocked their refillable wines for some time in our Faversham Wine Store, this spring sees Macknade working with Sustainable Wine Solutions to use their zero waste VinoTap system to deliver all of the house wine available in our cafes and food village.

This wine-on-tap keg set up is truly waste-free, with no cardboard or internal bag to dispose of, and using perfect preservation technology - all the convenience, none of the waste.

We spoke to Henry Skelton from Sustainable Wine Solutions about the VinoTap concept, partnering with Macknade and about why we should all rethink how we drink...

VinoTap is part of SustainableWineSolutions, tell us a bit about your mission... 

We want to offer a full cycle reusable solution in buying and selling wines with intention to reuse rather than just recycle across a number of methods.

 The kegs maintain the quality and freshness of wines, preserving the quality of the wine under pressure to minimise wate and retain quality.


What kind of wines can we discover on Vinotap?

Minimum intervention, organic, vegan, artisan made wines at great value removing the shipping, marketing labelling costs. While Macknade are currently introducing two wines in the VinoTap, we have our range of 45 + wines available in keg.


How do you think attitudes are changing towards wine in the UK?

Nowhere in the world has such an open-minded and stimulating wine market open to new ideas and influences. In particular we see an ever-increasing awareness around minimum intervention wines and the sustainability.


What are the key challenges when it comes to drinking in a more sustainable way on the whole - and how can we overcome them?

A key challenge is the global shipping of heavy glass and wasted weight and space around bottles adding to wine miles and the carbon footprint within the industry. Sustainable Wine Solutions is pioneering and revolutionising the import and distribution of wines working in a far more sustainable model.


How will you be working with Macknade?

Macknade already stock the returnable bottle scheme across a range of eight wines, now they are introducing the VinoTap wines on draught it further strengthens the message and our relationship.