Meet The Producer - Fatman And Friends

Written by: Amanda McCabe
22 Nov

Tell us about your journey leading to Fatman and Friends

I was working in hospitality at Quo Vadis under Sam and Eddie Hart when I decided to do a popup restaurant and for that event, I concocted my take on the Negroni. It was so popular that we decided to bottle it. Now 5 years on we have won International Awards for all three of our drinks. We also do contract bottling for other companies such as St John’s Restaurant and Fergus Henderson. 

What makes your cocktails different? 

What makes our cocktails different is the level of quality of our ingredients and the process of production which is the ageing and unique flavours we use. We look at every detail and make sure it’s done to our high standard. 

If you were a cocktail, what would you be? 

A Pina Colada because I’m an easy going person and what’s more easy going then drinking a Pina Colada on the beach?!

Favourite food and Fatman cocktail match? 

Fatman's Old Fashioned served with pancakes, bacon, more maple syrup, ice-cream and some fresh fruit. By dipping the pancake into the drink the flavour explodes in your mouth.

What's on the horizon for Fatman and Friends in 2022? 

We are developing a new specialised range which we hope to release next year. We will be trading and serving our drinks at two farmers markets: Greenwich and Telegraph Road every Saturday and Sunday!

Best cocktail bar in the world? 

Happiness Forgets and NightJar. 

What’s the best thing about your job? 

Making people happy when they enjoy a Fatman’s Cocktail.

Thanks Mathew! 

P.S.You can find Mathew’s fabulous cocktails in all Macknade stores and cafes!