Buon Natale from Stefano and all at Macknade

Written by: Stefano Cuomo
21 Dec

2022…it has been some year!

I have been thinking a lot about my ten year old self, at the tail end of the 80s, embarking on an essay, at junior school, titled ‘what I will be doing when I am 21’. It focussed on when the millennium would strike in 2000 and it seemed like a world away, not only in the sense of how society would function, but the individual reality of who I would be…the combination of really being an ‘adult’ in a new millennial world was mind blowing to a youngster, still in his first decade!

…and all of sudden it is the end of 2022…the turn of the millennium a distant memory, and wow what a world we are now within!!

It has been another crazy, unpredictable year for us as a business, with several ups and downs as we have looked to deliver our vision of bringing communities together around incredible food & drink and supporting sustainable supply chains.

It is clear that ‘normal trading’ is, categorically, no longer a thing!!

The ability to adapt and flex is now the reality. This is an approach only possible with a team that stands shoulder to shoulder, and a community that values our vision. Now and indeed, all those years ago, Macknade has been blessed to have both.

Macknade is a business and it has to function as one; however, we only move forward because you, our community, believe in us.

Every day we aim to create our community's' favourite place - a space that anyone can come into, breathe a little more lightly and feel truly loved - as a customer, one of our suppliers or indeed our team.

Family sits at the heart of this, both literally and metaphorically. Yes there will be tough times and we may even fall out a little, but as with most families, our strength comes from our shared core. We know we can lean on each other when we need to, and most importantly, shout and celebrate the good times as one!

Christmas is a shining light, that offers us the best of our humanity.

It is when we come together and focus on those who are important to us and what world we want for the future.

Thank you for all your support over the past year, it is my personal drive to see Macknade deliver for all our community, capturing the wonders of what it is to be human, whilst balancing our critical responsibility to our natural environment.

I believe incredible food and drink, made by incredible people, sits at the heart of this vision and as a community we will set the path for next year and beyond.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and hope that you are able spend time with loved ones, both directly or in thought. Together we will enter the new year and shape the world around us to the place we know it can be, and we deserve as a community.

Buon Natale!