Meet The Producer - Sam's Turkeys

Written by: Amanda McCabe
06 Dec

This year, our free range, slow grown, quality turkeys are sourced from our friends and trusted suppliers, Sam's Turkeys, in Herne Hill, just outside Faversham.

Deservedly accredited with the Golden Turkey Quality Assurance, there's a lot of love and care that goes into producing these wonderful birds.

As an entrepreneurial 14-year-old, Sam wanted to diversify from family tradition and explore livestock husbandry. He started with 4 pigs and 25 turkeys but Sam's journey properly began after getting hands on working in the industry for Kelly's Turkeys.

Fast forward a few years and what started as a small idea has grown into a much bigger enterprise. The turkeys not only enjoy roaming their paddock and foraging under the apricot trees for fallen fruit, they are often hand fed surplus fruit from the farm too, so they certainly get their five a day!