Supplier Policy

Being the best we can be is not just for our customers but for everyone who counts on us and, in turn, on the people who we count on too... our suppliers!

Supplier Policy - Macknade Fine Foods

Supplier Policy

At Macknade Fine Foods we champion great food and eating, and to achieve this we must have a positive and equitable relationship with each of our suppliers.

Macknade is an experience and central to this is showcasing each supplier & producer we work with.

As a retailer we are fully aware of our role as a conduit between these producers and the end consumer. Our job is to carry the magic from the hands of the artisan to the plate of the food lover as equitably, ethically and sustainably as we can, and our supplier policy reflects this…

  • We always aim to provide our suppliers with what they need, to pay them fairly, to help them prosper and to build long-term relationships.
  • We do not simply buy because a product is local, because it is organic or because it is on trend. We will buy a product because we have researched it, believe in it and know that our customers will love it.
  • We do not shy away from our responsibilities and will always answer difficult questions relating to purchasing. With any product we stock, we will always have an educated position on its impact.
  • We build relationships with producers and businesses that we believe share our own ethos and want to promote a sustainable and equitable retail model.
  • We add value to our customers through an engaged retail experience and this is a value we can pass on to our suppliers.

We won’t always get it right but we will always look to improve and learn.

We want our suppliers, customers and staff to be happy and for each one’s role to work for the other.

This is what makes Macknade.

Interested in Supplying Macknade?

If you are interested in becoming one of our suppliers (or have one you want to recommend!) please get in touch with our General Manager, Finn Dunlop, by filling out this form…

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