Bottlebrush Ferments – The Yellow One


The Yellow One is inspired by Bottlebrush Ferment’s Aussie heritage, with sweet pineapple as a reminder of many summers spent at the beach. The zing of ginger, along with a superfood boost provided by turmeric, give The Yellow One its unique colour and flavour. It works really well in salads, with chicken, fish and in Asian and spicy dishes.




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Leading the way with their love of great tasting food and a passion for real health, Ben and Hesh, the founders of Bottlebrush Ferments, bring the humble and misunderstood trend for fermented foods to the masses.

The products are full of flavour, high in vitamins and minerals, and most importantly, rich in gut-friendly enzymes and probiotics – making them one of the healthiest foods on the planet. These ferments are so versatile, quick and easy to use, that you can enjoy them with any meal or snack and instantly improve the health profile of that meal.


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