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We love our team and trust their taste implicitly (they did apply to work for Macknade after all!). Everything in this hamper has been hand-selected by those very people – true foodies who try & taste our products week in week out. Look out for the Diforti Cannoli (regularly passed around the office!) and our No.1 Tea, which has been served in our café since the day it opened.

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This hamper contains the following items:

  • Canterbury Ales The Wife of Bath Ale (500ml)
  • Peters Yard Seeded Wholegrain Artisan Crispbread (105g)
  • Manaresi Gold Blend Ground Coffee (250g)
  • Goupie Chilli Chocolates (180g)
  • Mighty Fine Things Apple & Balsamic Vinegar (250ml)
  • Diforti Hazelnut Cannoli (150g)
  • Macknade No. 1 Breakfast Tea Bags x14 (42g)
  • Carrington’s Chillichup (250ml)
  • Duskins Apple Juice (1litre)
  • Stokes Red Onion Marmalade (265g)
  • Signature Macknade Box

Please note that these are subject to change depending on stock availability. All products will be substituted with a similar product to greater or equal value.

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