Italian Christmas


Paying homage to the heritage of our founders, our Italian Christmas hamper features a hand-picked selection of produce that can always be found at the heart of a festive Italian table. Items include panettone (the classic Italian tear & share!) prosecco, cannoli and mostarda (or mustard fruits) to enjoy with your Christmas cheese board. Presented in a beautiful wicker hamper.


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This hamper contains the following items:

  • Ceradello Prosecco
  • Biscardo Neropasso
  • Macknade Panettone
  • Seggiano, Organic Balsamic of Moderna Vinegar
  • Trappeto Di Caprafico, Olio Olive Oil
  • Manaresi, Gold Ground Coffee
  • Le Tamerici, Black Cherry Jam
  • Le Tamerici, Mostarda Di Fichi
  • Diforti, Aragostine filled with White Chocolate
  • Antica Torroneria, Fette di Torrone Friabile con Nocciole Nougat
  • Eugenia, Amaretti
  • Maribissi, Panforté Margerita
  • Antica Torroneria, Tartufini Pistachio & Gianduja  Truffles
  • Marabissi, Piccoli Mini Cantucci
  • Pastificio del Colle, Farfalle Summer Bows

We endeavour to ensure that contents are as stated above; however, please note that these items are subject to availability and seasonality. Where necessary items will be substituted with a similar product. Please refrigerate once opened.


Additional information

Le Tamerici

Mostarda Di Fichi is produced with organic Turkish black figs grown in central Italy. It is characterised by a very intense, herbaceous and rich flavour – best tried with Gorgonzola, Roquefort and Stilton.
Ingredients: figs, sugar, mustard flavouring

Black Cherry Jam is perfect as filling for tarts and sweet tortelli.
Ingredients: cherries, sugar.

Macknade Panettone

With a beautiful rich buttery finish, Christmas just wouldn't be the same without one of our Macknade Panettones. This particular one is made by Vergani, the only surviving commercial bakery in the centre of Milan, who, like us, are a multi-generational family business.
Contains: fruit, wheat and honey


A superior matured balsamic vinegar with rich, dark, well balanced sweet and sour flavours. Colour, sweetness, density and harmony of flavour distinguish this as a vinegar of authentic quality and provenance, hence its Four Leaf quality seal award.
An essential larder staple, it's delicious as a condiment for dressings, roasted meats, marinades and even desserts.
Contains: Organic wine vinegar


Manaresi Oro blends 10% high altitude robusta with 90% arabica beans to deliver the finest expression authentic Italian espresso.

The crema has a very fine texture, and the nose reveals an intense pleasing aroma with notes of hazelnut and chocolate. A round elegant and smooth finish.


Aragostine filled with white chocolate cream – the delectable artisan Aragostine are a treat for everyone. One of the most popular Italian pastries, these crunchy treats get their name from their shape. Filled with a luxurious white chocolate cream, and dusted with icing sugar as a finishing touch.

This authentic Italian food delicacy is best enjoyed alongside a hot cup of tea, or your favourite variety of coffee.
Contains: wheat, eggs and milk

Ceradello Prosecco Spumante Brut Organic

A single estate, organic Prosecco from the Veneto region of Italy. Soft and delicate fruit and floral aromas give way to peach notes on the palate, with an appealing texture and fresh finish.
750ml, 11.5% abv

Biscardo Neropasso

The grapes used in Biscardo Neropasso Originale are air-dried first to concentrate the flavours and allow the sugar content to rise. The result is a powerful juggernaut of a wine that has a beautifully poised slight sweetness. Spicy with hints of cherry, black cherry and plum compote on the nose, this follows through into the taste but what will really make you think you are drinking an Amarone is the fine and velvety palate.
750ml, 13.5% abv

Antica Torroneria Fette di Torrone Friabile con Nocciole Nougat

Local ‘Millefiori’ honey, egg whites and hand-picked Piedmontese hazelnuts are carefully combined in this traditional torrone. Crafted to a generations-old recipe that takes a full day of watchful care, the result is a perfect sweet that’s gained a reputation as one of the world’s best.
Gluten free
Contains: Hazelnuts and egg

Mixed Amaretti Eugenia

Soft, handmade Amaretti with stone pressed almonds. The outside of this almond cookie is slightly crisp and the inside is soft and chewy.

Maribissi Panforte Margerita

A classic blonde panforte from one of Siena's finest bakers. Made with a blend of honey, spices, dried and candied fruits, delicious with ice cream, coffee and red wine after dinner.

Antica Torroneria Tartufini Pistachio & Gianduja

A true Italian delicacy, truffle praline is handmade using the traditional methods. Strong pistachio aroma combined with fine vanilla nuances. The pistachio content is 32%.
Contains: nuts

Marabissi Piccoli Mini Cantucci

Classic Tuscan hard biscuits to serve dipped in Vin Santo. Marabissi Cantucci are heavily laden with sliced almonds and have a just-baked taste.
Contain: wheat, nuts, eggs and milk.

Pastificio del Colle Farfalle

This handcrafted pasta, is one of the most classic shapes of Italian pasta. The beautiful, completely natural colours, are a real eye catcher and won't fade when the pasta is cooked.
Contains: wheat.

Trappeto Di Caprafico

100% Italian olive oil from centuries-old olive trees. Trappeto Di Caprafico produce oil from the varieties Gentile di Chieti and Intosso; an extra virgin oil that scents and tastes sweet and fruity, a great harmony with the characteristic taste of almonds.


Please note: Although we make every effort to ensure this information is correct and accurate, we cannot be held liable in instances where it is incorrect. Always read the label on the product when you receive it, and react to the manufacturers guidelines.

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