It's World Menopause Month this month and our Bite Sized Nutrition: Food Tips For Perimenopause & Menopause Workshop with Katy from Wasted Kitchen and Nutritionist Virginia Hills sold out in days. We've had lots of requests to repeat it so we will be putting an extra date in on Saturday November 18th. If you'd like to join Katy and Virginia book now...


Looking to understand more about your gut health or what to eat to balance your hormones? Then Wasted Kitchen's ‘Bite Sized Nutrition’ Season with Virginia Hills Gut & Hormone Health Nutritionist at Macknade is for you!

Grab a seat at our Experience Bar on Saturday 18th November, 10am - 12pm for the second of four Bite Sized Nutrition sessions: Food Tips for Peri-Menopause & Menopause. If you’re in your mid 30s or upwards & looking for proactive ways to manage your hormones through food or want to know why & how nutrition and food are so important to help you feel your best then this is for you.

Join Katy from Wasted Kitchen and Nutritionist Virginia Hills to find out what a huge impact eating well in the run up to and during your menopause can have on your overall wellbeing: get ready for some EASY and QUICK tips to kick-start you on your journey. 

Please note that these sessions take place instore so you may experience some background noise. Please also let us know if you have any any accessibility requirements.


Come join us