Bite Sized Nutrition: Sugar Savvy - Intro to Eating For Blood Sugar Balance

Looking to understand more about your gut health or what to eat to balance your hormones? Then Wasted Kitchen's ‘Bite Sized Nutrition’ Season with Virginia Hills Gut & Hormone Health Nutritionist at Macknade is for you! 

Grab a seat at our Experience Bar on Friday 17th November, 10am - 12pm for the second of four ‘Bite Sized Nutrition’ sessions - Sugar Savvy - Intro to Eating For Blood Sugar Balance.

Heard all the noise around sugars and their impact on your health and wondering what “sugar” actually means when it comes to food and ingredients? Or how nutrition and cooking can play a vital role in balancing your blood sugars?  Join Katy from Wasted Kitchen and Nutritionist Virginia Hills as they delve into the world of sugar: what it is and where to find it and discover the secrets of making smart food choices that fuel your body with energy and vitality, without relying on traditional options like toast and jam. Get ready to unlock the path to a healthier, more vibrant you.  

If Kitchen Mojo Workshops are the appetiser, then Wasted Kitchen’s Bite Sized Nutrition Season is the satisfying main course. Served up in parts - like a tapas or mezze menu - so it’s easy to digest.  We want these classes to have a sense of community so each session is 2 hours with time to chat and ask questions and we’d love people to come to all of them if they can. 

***Take advantage of our limited time offer and book all four sessions for £60 - just add each one to your basket and enter the promo code MACKWK23. Or you can pick and mix individual sessions for £25 each.***

SESSION 1: Gut Matters - Intro to Eating for Gut Health. 15 September 2023
SESSION 2: Food Tips for Perimenopause & Menopause. 20 October 2023. Celebrating World Menopause Day October 18
SESSION 3: Sugar Savvy - Intro to eating for Blood Sugar Balance. 17 November 2023
SESSION 4: Gut Health Social - Eating, Entertaining & Gifting with Gut Health in Mind – 1 December 2023

Please note that these sessions take place instore so you may experience some background noise. Please also let us know if you have any any accessibility requirements.


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