Aubergine, Gooseberries & Ajo Blanco

45 minutes (plus overnight) to prepare
Serves 6



  1. Leave almonds to soak in cold water overnight.
  2. The next day, drain away the water, reserving 125ml and returning to the bowl.
  3. Add 25ml red wine vinegar, 50ml extra virgin olive oil and one garlic clove and blend until smooth and thick.
  4. Taste and add more garlic if you wish, and season before setting aside.
  5. Slice aubergine lengthways into flat pieces (approx 4 per aubergine) and brush with oil either side.
  6. Grill the aubergine pieces on the bbq until blackened and soft on both sides.
  7. Roughly crush the pistachios with the dukkah. (The pistachios are extra nice if you’ve given them a little roast or toast - you could do this on the bbq in a small baking tray)
  8. Layer aubergine on a plate with gooseberries, sauce and the crushed pistachios and dukkah mix.
  9. Liberally sprinkle with chopped dill and season well.
  10. Top Tip: If your gooseberries are a little sharp, this dish also works really well with a good drizzle of local Kentish honey.