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A new way of buying and eating fish…

Mirroring our approach to meat, we believe that buying and eating fish should be special. With an ethos grounded in provenance, knowledge & skill, our fish offer is an extension of our hugely successful butchery counter, and guarantees you the very best fish & seafood from truly sustainable sources.

Using the Pesky Fish platform, we offer a range of fresh fish & seafood with 100% traceability from the boat to your plate, which means we know where each and every single fish has come from, right down to the boat and the fisherman who caught it.

The boats in Pesky’s fleet use only non-destructive methods of fishing and the species caught will vary from week to week depending on these factors:

  • What’s in season in British waters (head on over to Pesky’s website here for a rough idea of what to look forward to, when!).
  • How each species is currently scoring on Pesky’s sustainability index, taking the worry out of which fish you should and shouldn’t buy.
  • The success of the catch each week, which is affected by the waves, the weather and even the tide.

How it works

  1. Every week we put together our fish ‘wishlist’ based on Pesky’s predictions.
  2. The following day we find out exactly what’s been landed by the boats in Pesky’s fleet and place our order.
  3. We’ll give you an idea of what to expect via our social channels and on the boards in-store. And don’t be afraid to ask the team about what they’re expecting that week!
  4. The fish arrives from Pesky and is ready to purchase from our fish butchery. Please bring a tupperware if you can so we can reduce packaging.

Get seafood savvy

We appreciate that not everyone is hugely confident in buying & preparing fish, and this is where our team of butchers come in. With fantastic chef backgrounds, they can advise you on how to cook each of the different species and what to serve them with.

You won’t always be familiar with the species in our counter and there will be plenty of opportunities to try something new. If one week you don’t spot your favourite species, we can recommend you something similar, which is in season and from sustainable fish stocks… and you might end up enjoying it even more!

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