Our drinks department is so important to us that we have a dedicated buyer sourcing the finest beers, wines, spirits, juices, sparkling drinks and syrups from our doorstep and across the continent.

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No meal is complete without the right (alcoholic or non alcoholic!) drink to go with it.

Being at the heart of a county so inextricably linked with the brewing industry, it stands to reason that our selection of bottled Kentish beers and ales is vast. We stock everything from global brands like Shepherd Neame to the Mad Cat Brewery – a small micro-brewery just five minutes from Macknade.

We sell a wide range of ciders that stem from the great orchards of Kent. Dry, sparkling, strong or fruity – you’re bound to find something you like.

Complementing our ciders and beers are an increasing number of Kentish wines, spirits and liqueurs. A particular favourite is Anno Gin, produced using key Kentish botanicals such as samphire, hops, elderflower and sloes. This is delicious on ice or with Bramley & Gage Indian tonic water.

However, it’s not all about alcohol. You will also find varieties of Kentish apple juice on our shelves, with an emphasis on their provenance and individual characteristics, as well as blended juices, syrups and cordials from across the county.

Going further afield, lemonade from France, Aranciata from Sicily and Wild Elderflower Bubbly from Devon are amongst the wide selection of drinks we stock.  We also think that freshly squeezed orange juice cannot be beaten and every morning we use our juicer to give you the very best.

Quality and provenance are at the heart of the drinks department. Whether you’re opting for beer or selecting an apple juice it is truly about enjoyment, not simply quenching your thirst!

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