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Cheese Cakes

Cheese cakes for your wedding, birthday party, corporate event or other special occasion…

With over 150 cheeses in our counter, our Delicatessen team are here to help you put together the perfect celebration cheese cake.

You can enjoy your cheese cake as part of a buffet, as the centrepiece of your wedding (for all you cheese fiends out there!) or serve it as a cheese course before or after dessert.

Creating your cake is easy, and above all, fun!

Anyone looking to purchase a cheese cake with us will benefit from a personal tasting with a member of our Delicatessan team, so you can try the different cheeses available (a reason in itself to opt for a cheese cake!) and get plenty of advice.

There are all sorts of possible combinations and we will help you balance and contrast your cheese types, flavours and textures (and crucially, make sure there’s no chance of it collapsing!).

If you have a favourite cheese, let us know and we’ll make sure it’s included.

We can also help you select the decorations for your cake, as well as biscuits, chutneys & any other accompaniments you require. Our shop is bursting with beautiful produce, so again, just let us know!

We will help you design & build your cake to a certain budget or for how many guests you’re expecting, so there won’t be any surprises. We want your cake to be everything you imagined (even when it comes down to the sensible part of price!).

For further information and to arrange a tasting, please contact our Delicatessen team here. All our quotes will be approximate, as the price is based on the final weight of the cheeses, and we generally ask for two weeks notice to ensure the cheeses you request are in stock.

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