What's In A Menu

Written by: Rosie Collins
22 Aug

Watching Alex, our new head chef for Macknade at Hoopers, working shoulder to shoulder with Romu, head chef of our Ashford Macknade, was wonderful!

Seeing two highly skilled craftsman, working in unison, treating ingredients with such care, putting together dishes to delight their patrons is magnetic…the power of preparing delicious food to nourish others, has to be one of the binding forces that makes us Human.

As we head towards our Tunbridge Wells opening week, and with Alex ‘sharpening his knives’, discovering the joys of Nduja, Ajvar and everything in between, I wanted to share a little of what goes into shaping a Macknade menu.

Our menus tell stories

Macknade’s whole purpose is to bring communities together through quality food and drink experiences, and this is never more evident than through our food service.

Our menus give us the chance to shout about our incredible ingredients, their stories and the wonderful people behind them…as I always say, Macknade is simply the conduit to link these fantastic products with you, our customers and community.

Through what we source and bring into our kitchens we can directly shape better supply chains for the future.

By explaining why we make certain choices, we hope we can represent our community’s desire for us to lead the way on sustainability and conscientious consumerism.

That fireside feeling

Working with Hoopers has given us the chance to take some of our favourite dishes, continue to grow long established partnerships and create new relationships with local producers, all to create food that makes you smile…I call it ‘Fireside Feeling’…that warmth you get in the pit of your stomach when you feel loved, in your favourite place, enjoying meaningful food.

Eating with Macknade is relaxed, and we will be open in Tunbridge Wells to offer you breakfast though to lunch and tea.  As we grow, there will be pop up evenings, supper clubs, events and all sorts of specialist tastings and experiences.

Discover the artisans behind the dishes

Everything on our menus has a story and through our dishes, you’ll discover the artisans behind the incredible ingredients and products we use.

For example, to create our scrambled eggs and bacon, we use bacon cured in molasses by our butchers and Woodland Farm free-range eggs, Kentish through and through.

Then, to highlight our Italian heritage, you’ll find Paola’s pear mostarda alongside the Guffanti family’s Gorgonzola Dolceour.

It is our role to place the producers front and centre, such as Katie Cox and her Wasted Kitchen team (who we have worked with for years) to deliver delicious salads and condiments, crafted from produce that might be wasted by others, to Hennart, our family affineurs in Lille who carefully select and age our Brie for us.

Delicious food shared with those you love enriches the heart…growing up on the farm I know that delicious food, shared with those you love, made from the land you walk, by people you can name enriches the soul!!

We can’t wait to share our world with you!