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Wild Bread

Real sourdough bread baked by hand and completely from scratch.

Wild Bread is a community supported bakery based not just in Faversham, but at Macknade itself.

James, who heads up Wild Bread, is passionate about hand-crafted naturally leavened real bread made with traditional artisan techniques. He believes that great bread comes from using just three simple and natural ingredients – flour, water and sea salt – and we couldn’t agree more.

Wild Bread’s loaves are given a long, slow fermentation by naturally occurring wild yeasts only and contain no manufactured baker’s yeast. This is what makes the bread ‘sourdough’ – a truly nutritious, digestible and flavoursome loaf. They also use only the best organic, stoneground flour and, where possible, locally milled flour, making a variety of wheat, rye and spelt loaves.

We think there is nothing better than tucking into a freshly baked sourdough loaf smothered with butter, and Wild Bread produces some of the best around. James also likes to share his passion by running regular baking classes on-site, which we would urge you to look out for!

Classes last all day and give you everything you need to know about the art of wheat & rye sourdough bread baking, by hand and completely from scratch. They run on the 4th Thursday of each month and also include a sourdough pizza lunch, which you make during the class. Yum! For more information, please visit the Wild Bread website.

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