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What A Week!

A few words from our MD, Stefano, as we reflect on our first full week of deliveries…

When my daughters told me last week that it would snow on Sunday I looked up at the beautiful, blue, Spring sky and scoffed. Sorry girls, I hold my hands up – you were right!!

This is a crazy world after all… I should have known to expect the unexpected!

We have just gone through the first week of a world we never anticipated. I call it a ‘week’ in the normal sense of how our days flow, but the reality is that any flow has been shot to pieces, and we are acting day by day.

I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank everyone at Macknade for what they achieved last week, particularly in terms of building a delivery & collection service from nothing. Through pure energy, innovation and a desire to help, you made it happen… and you are all amazing!

I know how hard you have worked, how hard we have learned and most of all, I have been sincerely touched by the comradery and selfless support that everyone has put in to maintaining as good a service as possible.

I am so grateful to all of our customers who supported us through this first week, for their patience as we found our feet and for their understanding. You are helping us to not only maintain the supply chain, but you are also supporting each and everyone one of us here. We do it all with the utmost sincerity and are highly grateful to you all.

Our drive now is to move our delivery service forward and to fulfil the high level of service that is expected of us, even in these difficult times. Safety is our first priority and we are continually assessing how we trade to make sure our team and customers are protected.

After this, it is the supply of produce that is our main aim, and through continually adapting, with the skills and strength throughout our team, coupled with the deep relationships we have with our suppliers, we are finding a way through.

This past week our focus has been on getting deliveries up and running, to support the growing demand, and to make our retail space safe.

Now as we realise the need in our community for regular home delivery, we are able to improve and refine our services.

Critically it has to be a service that stays safe, delivers on the expectation you have of Macknade, maintains our ethos and is operationally sustainable.

We now have a better idea of this new world, our role within it and how we can best serve our community.

In the weeks ahead we will put all we have learned over the past days into bringing you the best service we can. Thank you for your patience and, as always, thank you for your ongoing support.


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