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Vickie Hassan

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay in the local area, Vickie owns a fabulous bed & breakfast in Boughton Under Blean, where she cooks using Macknade ingredients.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I started to run The Linen Shed boutique bed and breakfast in Boughton under Blean six years ago. I spent my early years jetting around as Tiny Rowlands private chef. Distracted by all things “foodie” and have catered for all sorts of people in all sorts of places. I feel like an authority on where to shop and where to eat in the area.

What food do you especially like to eat/cook?

I am a huge fan of Ottolenghi. I also regularly purchase frangelico – a wild hazelnut liquor from Italy, which I use in my baking. I make a lovely blackcurrant and frangelico frangipane tart.

What cuisines inspire you/do you enjoy most?

I have a preference for meat and vegetable dishes, simple and using what’s in season. Faversham even produced some globe artichokes last summer.

How long have you been shopping with us?

Nine years.

What's your best memory of Macknade?

Delving into the chest freezers with Renato for bread. Hilarious.

How would you describe Macknade to someone who hasn't been before?

The best place to food and drink shop. Not only can you get great local produce, but fine speciality produce they source themselves from Italy.

What are your favourite things about Macknade

The variety of produce on offer. Whatever obscure ingredient I may need, it’s 99% of the time in stock, or they will get it in for you.

What do you regularly buy?

Bread… they have such an array. I just love their sourdough.

What from Macknade would you take to a desert island?

Brie with fresh truffles, sadly only available at Christmas and Easter time.


What three products from Macknade would you recommend to a friend?

Manaresi coffee – they serve it in their cafe if you want to try before you buy, Macknade brand raspberry and lavender preserve, which tastes of sunshine, and Duskin’s cox variety of apple juice, which is a medium sweetness and very popular with my guests.

Is there a recipe or food tip you can share with us?

My latest addition and invention to my breakfast menu is chorizo and sweet smoked paprika tomato ragout with poached eggs.

Which local producers/products would you recommend?

Monkshill Farm for the best smoked back bacon and pork and sage sausages.

Which local restaurants/pubs would you recommend?

Apart from the obvious The Sportsman at Seasalter and Wheelers Oyster Bar in Whitstable, I am very inspired by the cuisine at The Dove at Dargate.

What would you tell someone visiting us to do locally while they are in the area?

One of the many food trails on the faversham.org website or antique shopping in Faversham.

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