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Vegetarian For A Month

Follow our Café Assistant, Chantel, on her vegetarian journey…

So I’m thinking about becoming a vegetarian……and it’s not the first time. I managed it for about 6 weeks once. I’m not sure why I fell off the wagon. I blame sausages. Nevertheless, I’m trying again.

I don’t think I’m gonna save the animals on my own and it’s not about convincing the world to be vegetarian. It’s about compassion and honesty in farming. It’s about the unnecessary factory farming solution that provides cheap meat in order to feed an ever-growing population at the cost of our environment and our morals. It’s about eating more thoughtfully and responsibly. It’s about improving the lives of sentient animals that we sacrifice for our own needs.

I’ve been a real advocate for meat in the past. I was under the belief that if I chose to eat animals I should be able to eat any meat without prejudice. This was to include any part of the animal: tongue, liver, heck I ate a chicken heart. A waste not, want not attitude. I asked myself the tough question, would I kill an animal if I was hungry? Yes. Yes I would. This gave me an illusion of entitlement, a silly assumption that if you wouldn’t kill it, you shouldn’t be allowed to eat it.

However, when I envisage myself killing an animal, I’m probably on a deserted island, this animal is wild and free. The animals we eat on a daily basis do not always have such comfort. They are neither wild nor free. The images of lambs prancing around farms, or pigs rolling around in hay filled barns is simply not always a reality when around two in every three farm animals are factory farmed. This is not a reality I can be happy with.

That’s why I’m setting myself a new challenge. A month vegetarian. I don’t think this will be an easy feat, but it will at least be a start to eating more compassionately. Since I don’t necessarily understand the majority of food packaging and labels, I’m sure a month avoiding meat, poultry and fish products would give me some useful insights into more compassionate eating. I’m also pledging a £100 donation to Compassion in World Farming – that’s a rough estimate on the meat upgrades to sandwiches and salads that I will save myself over the next month.

Along with that I hope to educate myself more on nutrition, the benefits to eating more compassionately and generally documenting some delicious recipes along the way. I’m going to be open and very honest about my failures “accidentally ate a bacon sandwich” could very well be the title of my next post. I’m not sorry if this bores you, because it’s something that matters and things that matter are worth standing up for.

Keep up to date with Chantel’s progress over on her blog – Tilly’s Townhouse!

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