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Vanilla & Muscovado

Incredible local bakes from Charlotte of Vanilla & Muscovado.

I always wanted to do it but never found the confidence to make the leap from a home baker to a professional one. My fiancé really encouraged me and gave me the support to make it happen.

Favourite Bake?

Well anything with chocolate is always a winner but if I had to choose I would pick my Cheesecake Brownies!

Favourite Ingredient?

I couldn’t really pick one, but I am passionate about only using seasonal & local produce.

Favourite thing about Macknade?

I’m a long term customer and really love how friendly and knowledgeable the staff are. I also love being able to buy fruit & veg in small quantities which means less waste!

Future Plans?

I’m always developing new recipes! I am also looking at packaging some of my products for retail.

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