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Terry & Jan Reeves

Long term customers, Terry & Jan, have lived in Faversham all their lives and have been shopping with us since we were based on the Ashford Road.

Tell us a bit about yourself

We were both born and live in Faversham and had a business in there and in Ashford until retirement. Our interests are in family holidays, food and cooking.

What food do you especially like to eat/cook?

Barbecuing is my passion. I love marinating meat using various herbs, honey & soy sauce. I prefer to cook on a charcoal BBQ as you seem to get a better flavour. The beauty of Macknade is that you will find some unusual vegetables and sauces to try.

What cuisines inspire you/do you enjoy most?

Asian cooking. We both love spicy flavours and are very much into chillies & trying different types.

How long have you been shopping with us?

Since you first opened in a field at North Street. Back then it was only fruit & veg. Macknade has come a long way since then.

What's your best memory of Macknade?

The cheese counter and coffee shop. The choice of cheese is great. From good strong chedder to soft cheese, you can also ask to taste before you purchase. The coffee shop is a nice venue to meet up for a chat and a light breakfast or lunch.

How would you describe Macknade to someone who hasn't been before?

Very good local and continental products. Well laid out with lots of surprising goodies.

What do you regularly buy?

Vegetables, cheese & fruit.

What from Macknade would you take to a desert island?


What three products from Macknade would you recommend to a friend?

Old Amsterdam cheese (the flavour is superb!), any of the continental meats and breakfast or lunch in the Macknade Café.

Is there a recipe or food tip you can share?

Barbecued garlic prawns followed by a rack of lamb…

For the prawns, put a glug of olive oil in a pan with three knobs of butter and one whole garlic chopped up. Wait until the garlic begins to change colour, add the prawns and cook for two minutes each side. Take the pan off the heat, add chopped parsley & serve.

For the lamb, pop them on the BBQ and cook for ten minutes on each side.

Which local restaurants/pubs would you recommend?

Reads and The Three Mariners.

What would you tell someone visiting us to do locally while they are in the area?

Visit Faversham town centre.

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