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Taking On Dry January

Stick to your New Year’s Resolutions with a little help from our January soft drinks guide…

January is officially the most hated month of the year…. Okay, maybe it’s not official, but it certainly seems like it should be! Not only do you have a come down from Christmas, but you’re doing your best to stick to a New Year’s Resolution that, quite frankly, you know you’ll struggle to keep despite the best of intentions.

If however, you like a challenge, and are participating in Dry January by abstaining from alcohol this month (we wish you lots of luck!), don’t worry we’re here to support you on your journey with our pick of the very best soft drinks (many of which we think would stand up well against their alcoholic alternative!).

A good place to start would be with our friends at Thor Drinks. These low-calorie dry spritz style drinks come in three different flavours (apple, mint and ginger) and look a lot more grown-up than a J2O. Refreshing, guilt-free and you won’t lose your street cred!

Another soft drink worth trying is Fentiman’s Sparkling Lime & Jasmine. Botanically brewed, it’s full of grown-up flavours, with hints of juniper making it the perfect alternative to a G&T.

If you’re partial to a Campari & Soda (because who isn’t?!), then a can of San Pellegrino Chino is well worth a try. It tastes surprisingly similar, so sit back, close you eyes and pretend your sitting on the banks of the Naviglio Grande.

Unfortunately, with the weather set to get even colder this week, you might instead be craving a hot spiced cider, but have no fear… Try warming up a bottle of Chegworth Valley Winter Warmer Spiced Apple Juice as an alternative.

For the sake of journalism, we’ve also had a go at attempting our favourite cocktails without the alcohol… Ginger beer, apple juice, mint and ice make for a fantastic alcohol-free Moscow Mule. Or you could try muddling Belvoir Cucumber & Mint Pressé with crushed lime, brown sugar, mint and ice for a Mojito-a-like!

And finally, if you’re showing us all up by cutting the booze and detoxing too, why not whizz up some of Vivid matcha green tea powder with water, mint & ice or add it to your favourite smoothie!

**DON’T MISS** Look out for our new range of wines ‘without the hangover’ from Belvoir and Seedlip non-alcoholic spirits coming very soon!

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