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Six Of The Best Kentish Vineyards

In celebration of the wine harvest, we asked our Wine Store Expert, Robin, to compile a roundup of his top six Kentish vineyards, that perhaps you haven’t come across…..yet!


Chartham Vineyard

A Family run vineyard that started in 2013, located just outside Canterbury and just down the road from our Faversham Food Hall. They’ve been producing award winning wines from the start, and they just keep getting better. I’m very fond of their blanc de blanc .

Barnsole Vineyard

My personal favourite Kentish Vineyard. A very small team producing great quality wines, they follow their own passion over the trends. Always have something in the works, with a recent Pinot Noir release and the return of the Dry Bacchanalian.

Brenley Wines

The most recent addition to our Kentish offering, and as local as it is likely to ever get – they are literally our next door neighbours! Grape growers for over a decade, in 2019 they decided to start producing their own vintage. It’s the second vintage for them now, and there’s a sparkling on the way too!

Wayfarer Wines

A small family run vineyard that focuses solely on still wine production. With their Bacchus they have managed to produce a nuanced example that really stands out. Its certainly fair to say that their focus is translating into quality.

Westwell Wines

A forward-looking vineyard situated on the North Downs. They use their four grape varieties to produce a variety of wines, in a variety of ways, from Sparkling Saignée Rosé to Ortega Amphora. Westwell combine experimental production techniques and ideal terroir.

Heppington Vineyard

Only in their second year of selling wines, the success of their first (it sold out) speaks volumes. Now offering four varieties, each distinct and delicious, Heppington will surely only grow from here.

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