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Six Snacks for the Six Nations

The best foods to snack on while watching rugby’s greatest championship.

1. Pizza. Best served cold to save missing preliminaries and kick off. Simple is best here: margarita is the way to go to avoid treading on pieces of pineapple and sweetcorn while jumping up for exciting bits.

Most like… Italy. Tasty and reasonably attractive, but finished off far too quickly.

2. Nobby’s Chilli Nuts. Best not to stray too far from the established brand here. Nice to mix with popcorn so you can have little surprises while furiously munching through tense periods of the action.

Most like… Wales. Tough and ballsy, with a pinch of spice.

3. Taytos. A rare delicacy in these parts (Sainsbury’s, Westwood Cross lads), Taytos are an inherent part of any snacking experience, sporting or no. Available in a range of satisfactory flavours, cheese and onion remains the default option for the faithful.

Most like… Ireland. Familiar and comforting and popular on both sides of the border.

4. Doritos. There are a number of passable replacements here, but Doritos Cool Original Flavour is by now a veteran of many a Six Nations championship. Steady with the dips! Stick to cheese and the white one with the chives; no one eats the other muck.

Most like… Scotland. Nothing spectacular but loved by almost everyone.

5. Twiglets. Best served in bowls drawn from those small drums you get at Christmas, Twiglets seem unable to decide if they are a crisp or something more substantial. Faint taste of Marmite is occasionally off-putting.

Most like… England. Generally fairly palatable, but either loved or loathed by most.

6. Revels. Most armchair fans find their appetite for salt waning in the second half as water retention from earlier troughing takes hold. At this point old cinema favourite Revels comes into its own. Unless you get coffee. Ew.

Most like… France. Brilliant but inconsistent and occasionally frustrating.

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