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Say Cheese… It’s Your Big Day!

With over 200 cheeses at our disposal, we know a thing or two about crafting the perfect celebration cheese cake.

From classic farmhouse cheddars to award-winning local cheeses, there really is something for everyone and the possibilities are endless. Cakes can be designed to any budget or number of guests and our experienced team will work with you to make your cake truly unique.

With the rest of our food hall at your fingertips, you can also select from a variety of accompaniments, including biscuits, chutneys & fruit. The shop is bursting with beautiful produce, so it would be rude not to take advantage!

Creating the perfect cheese cake is however no easy task… which is where we come in. It is crucial to get the balance of cheeses just right, thinking carefully about the different types, flavours and textures. Above all, there needs to be no chance of collapse… so a soft,oozy brie on the base is a definite no-no.

Here, our Deli Manager, Neil Armstrong (who also gets married this year!), recommends his favourite cheeses and makes some suggestions…

Cheese Cake 1

Base Tier – ½ Cornish Yarg and ½ Ashmore.

One hard and one semi-hard cheese. The yarg is mild & creamy, whilst the Ashmore (made locally in Dargate!) is medium in strength and aged for 9 months. A great balance!

2nd Tier – Baron Bigod Brie.

The UK’s only unpasteurised brie. Slightly chalky in the middle with a cheddar-like aftertaste.

3rd Tier – Kentish Blue.

Another local favourite made in Staplehurt. A classic, creamy blue.

4th Tier – Crème de Chevre

It’s over to Switzerland for this tier. Soft, runny & made from goat’s milk.

Top Heart – Coeur de Neuf Chatel

The finishing touch. This heart shaped cheese from France is similar to camembert but a little richer.

Cheese Cake 2

Base Tier – ½ Ashmore and ½ Kelly’s Canterbury

An all local affair! Copying cake one, we have Ashmore cheddar, but this time paired with a hard goat’s cheese.

Second Tier – Brie Campagnard

This medium strength brie in made in France and is a real crowd pleaser!

Third Tier – Oak Smoked Cheddar

Rich & creamy, this cheese hails from Somerset and packs a real punch.

Fourth Tier – Fourme D’Ambert

Returning to France, this blue cheese is medium in strength, with some nuttiness on the palate.

Top Heart – Godminster Cheddar

This vintage cheddar is beautifully moulded into a wax burgundy heart. A full & rounded flavour with a smooth & creamy texture.

To arrange a personalised tasting session with Neil or another member of our deli team, please call 01795 534497 or email us here. 

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