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Run, Macknade, Run!

The Macknade team are on the go…

We have some keen runners here at Macknade (and some not so keen), so don’t be surprised if you see the team sprinting through the Kent countryside.

In January the team took on the Canterbury 10mile, and on Saturday 25th February a selection of eleven people, from all the Macknade departments, took on the Bigfoot Challenge in Sevenoaks. This was a 6km run through muddy fields with several soggy obstacles to defeat! The guys worked as a team (apart from Stefano, who was determined to beat them all), to complete the course and get their medals!

Next in line is a mere 10km run through Canterbury and then in September, a team of ten will compete in the RagnarRelay. This is an epic 170 mile relay-style run along the Kent coast! Better get training guys!

We’re currently on the hunt for more challenges so if you know of any, let us know!

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