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Romshed Farm

Pasture fed Hereford beef, reared in the Kent countryside.

Romshed Farm, based in Sevenoaks, are another of our pasture-fed beef suppliers.

Run by Fidelity Weston & her family, the farm is registered organic with large areas of long grass and old mixed hedges providing wildlife corridors for insects and small mammals.

Romshed Farm are members of the Pasture for Life movement – a network of farmers whose animals are reared and finished naturally, resulting in better tasting meat.

Romshed Farm have a small herd of traditional Hereford cattle –  a slow growing beef breed, which produces a well marbled texture with an excellent flavour. The steers are matured over 30 months (the maximum time allowed under Government regulations) and the beef is hung for three to four weeks.

The beef finishes on clover and wildflower rich pasture (contributing to the sweet flavour & succulence of the meat!) in early autumn and winter, meaning we only get it at certain times of year… making it even more special!

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