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Showcasing sustainable Kentish wool…

Romney Marsh Wools is a family run business based on a 6th generation family farm in Kent. The farm keeps just over 1000 breeding Romney ewes as well as a small flock of around 60 Saxoni Merinos. The Romney breed, developed on the Romney Marshes in Kent, was first recorded as far back as the 13th century! They are a hardy sheep which produce lustrous semi-long wool, while the Merino are world famous for having the finest fleece of any breed of sheep in the world!

In 2008, the family decided it was time to showcase British wool and its suitability, focusing on the local Romney Marsh sheep. From this came Romney Marsh Wools and their range of fleece-y products! The Romney Marsh wool is perfect for spinning, and from this they make scarves, cushion covers and throws. The merino’s super-soft fleece is used to make even more luxurious scarves, throws and super cosy socks.

Not content with only using the wool, their toiletries range utilises the Lanolin, a natural oil that coats the fleece, making it waterproof to allow the sheep to withstand all weathers. Lanolin is a close PH match to the human skin which makes it very gentle on sensitive skin, as well as being highly moisturising. They then add subtle fragrances to make toiletries which can be used by the whole family!

To make their range, Romney Marsh Wools use experienced British craftsmen to ensure that their products are made to the highest standard. Not only does this mean they support British industries but it also ensures a quality, crafted item that’s made to be kept, from their family to yours!

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