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Al Palmar

Al is one of our local lamb suppliers, based in Shottenden.

Al Palmar is the farmer at Cock Farm in Shottenden. Al is a sheep farmer and has over 400 ewes. At the peak of the lambing season this means up to 20 lambs a day and around 600-700 lambs a year!

Al has two types of lamb, the Texal cross, with the dark patches on their faces and the Suffolk cross. The Texal is a Belgium breed and the Suffolk is native to England.

When the lambs are first born, they are kept in smaller enclosures with their mothers so they can bond. As they get older, the are moved into a slightly bigger, straw enclosure and eventually out into the fields and apple orchard!

Every morning, Al checks all his ewes and lambs and counts them to make sure none have run off. If the weather takes a turn for the worst, the lambs and ewes are kept in a cosy barn until the sun comes back out!

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