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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Pt2

The next steps in our mission to create a sustainable shopping model…

As a business, our impact on our community and environment has always been, and continues to be, critical to our thinking and our actions.

We have always done what we can to use our resources wisely; whether that’s reusing produce boxes at the tills or recycling our waste as best we can.

We feel that we can and should go further, and with such an engaged customer following, we are continually being supported to do so.

It is our aim to always be adapting Macknade to improve the impact we have on our environment, so that we can genuinely say that we are doing what we can to have a positive impact on the world around us.

Our mission is to be a standout business, showcasing how grocery retail, and business as a whole, can achieve this positive impact by working collaboratively with its customers, suppliers, staff and wider community.

2018 has seen us introduce several initiatives to lessen our impact on the environment and reduce waste. From glass milk bottles to dried goods dispensers, cork recycling to our Fresh to Go range (more on these here!), each scheme has been driven by our desire to deliver a sustainable shopping model that supports our planet and community.

We are the first to acknowledge that we still have some way to travel, particularly as we adapt to an ever changing world, but we will get there and we will learn plenty along the way.

2018 isn’t over yet and we are now beginning the next stage of this process…

Eliminating Plastic Bags From Our Tills

Over the last couple of years, our dependency on plastic bags has reduced massively and we have seen a huge shift in the way people shop with us. The majority of you now take advantage of our cardboard boxes or bring in your own shopping bags, and some of you are even bringing in your own containers for dried goods, cheese & meat.

Since introducing our plastic bag charge in 2016, we have seen a continued decline in the sale of plastic bags through our tills. To date, we have donated over £750 to charity, which has been split between the Kent Wildlife Trust and Oceana – two worthy charities who each focus on the protection of the sea environment, on a local and global level.

In line with our mission to eliminate all unnecessary plastic packaging across the store, we have taken the decision to remove plastic bags from the tills altogether. This comes into affect on Monday 24th September, so please don’t forget to bring in your own bags or ask for a box at the tills. As always, Macknade cotton shoppers and turtle bags are both available to purchase if you don’t have one already.

We do however appreciate that there will be times when a plastic bag is necessary and we will continue to provide these in some parts of the store until we find a suitable solution.

Developing Our Fresh To Go Range

Furthermore, following the success of our Unpackaged dispensers in-store, we have decided to introduce a similar system for our Fresh To Go range.

From Tuesday 25th September, our salads and dips will both be available to buy from our deli counter using your own tubs and containers. And in doubly good news… the prices will also be reducing!

If you aren’t able to bring your own container, we will fill one of our plastic tubs (which can still be re-used) with Fresh To Go goodness, and this will incur a 25p charge.

We want to make the Fresh To Go range as sustainable as possible, so you might be wondering why these tubs are made of plastic. Unfortunately, our research has found that compostable tubs aren’t actually being composted in Kent at the moment, so until this service is available, we have taken the decision to use a durable plastic tub that can be re-used and recycled instead.

For more info on our Fresh To Go range, please click here.


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