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We chat to David Selves from Faversham Creek Hotel, who has been a Macknade wholesale customer for 7 1/2 years…

Tell us a bit about your business.

Faversham Creek Hotel is a hotel which houses the Red Sails restaurant. We have been open for two years now, during which time we’ve received four stars from the AA for the hotel and our first rosette for the restaurant. We’re now working towards the second.

How would you describe your restaurant's style of food?

Our food is modern British, served in a relaxed, comfortable, friendly environment, that’s very reasonable. We offer a two-course lunch for £14.95! We want to provide quality at an affordable price. In January, Faversham Life published an article saying we rival the finest London bistros! This is because all the food shares one thing, passion. We have great tastes and great textures, but it all revolves around passion.

What is important to you when sourcing produce for the restaurant?

There’s four main things to consider – price, quality, service and consistency or reliability.

Price is important, because if you can only afford a Mini, you don’t buy a Rolls Royce! But, we are driven by quality. We wouldn’t go and buy twelve day old veg because it was cheaper. Price is important but quality is also essential.

As a busy restaurant, service is really important to us. We can order out of hours if we need to and if we ask for apples, we get apples! Part of service, of course, is consistency and reliability. One of the things we love about Macknade is that we can always rely on those aspects – price, quality and service, to be consistent. We know we’re going to get good quality at sensible prices, delivered reliably, no hit or miss.

That’s why we are delighted to support Macknade Fine Foods and have never used any other fruit & veg supplier!

How long have you been a wholesale customer at Macknade Fine Foods?

We’ve been using Macknade for 7 1/2 years! Firstly, with The Phoenix, and now with Red Sails. We went through the modernisation that Stefano introduced of something called a computer! We were with you through those days.

How did you hear about Macknade as a wholesale supplier?

I was born not long after the war, I’m a London street boy, and I do understand what the word community means. I went for suppliers in the local community. Macknade was an obvious choice for fruit & vegetables! We didn’t know you did wholesale, but you had a good name and I used you as a private individual, so I came up and said ‘I’m reopening The Phoenix, I’ve got to buy fruit & veg, what’s the deal?’ It was good, it was the right price. If you’d messed up in the first few months, we’d have just walked away, but you didn’t, and it just gets better and better!

What’s your favourite season of produce?

Personally, I could eat roast beef and Yorkshire puddings 365 days a year! However, in summer, I do enjoy Kent strawberries and cream with a glass or two of white port. It goes great with the strawberries! For the restaurant, seasons are the heart of the meal. We change our menu regularly, making sure it uses the produce when it’s in season and at its best.

What’s your favourite local ingredient?

Local asparagus or strawberries! A couple of years ago we did a stunt at Saint Pancras promoting Faversham. We had local strawberries & raspberries from your suppler and local farmer, David Simmons. They were picked at 6 o’clock that morning and everyone said how good they were.

Anything you’d like to add?

The reason we like Macknade, and continue to use you as our sole fruit & vegetable supplier is that you mirror exactly our approach. We believe in offering people quality, at a sensible price with good service and reliability. We share a business ethos and are both a proud part of and offer something to the Faversham community!

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