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Ragnar Approaching Fast!

We are now into September and the countdown is on for the Ragnar White Cliffs Relay.

On Saturday 23rd September, a team from Macknade will be lining up to start a 170 mile continuous running relay race from Maidstone to Brighton.

Given that the route will take us through the heart of Faversham, before following the coast, up and over the White Cliffs, all the way to Brighton, it was too good to resist.

This is the first time that the race has been held outside the US where the series is well established. The format is simple… with a team made up of ten runners split between two vehicles following progress along the way. The 170 mile route is split in to 30 legs and each runner completes three legs each over the duration. Hopefully we should complete in about 28 hours!

Our team, to be known as the “Macknade Malodorous Miscreants” are an assorted rabble of running ability; from the hares such as Stefano and Mike, to the more sedate tortoise like pace that I employ!

Of the ten of us, six are members of the team here at Macknade – Kelly, Emma, Mike, Stefano, Simon and I – and we are being strengthened by the addition of wife, sister and husband, Priya, Fran and Rob.

Add to the team our wild card, that the girls, and Mike are all rather excited by, USAF fighter pilot Shawn and we have our team of ten. Shawn joined us when responding to a plea when we were one short of a full team and we are now delighted to have his experience on board given that he has already completed three ragnar relays in the US!

From the outset we decided to do this for a purpose and we all felt that Pilgrims Hospices had done so much for so many of us and our families that it was the charity that we wanted to support. The whole team at Macknade have got behind us and through a number of activities we have been raising money for Pilgrims throughout the summer.

We are delighted to have met our fundraising target and donations are still rolling in! We have received amazing contributions from so many individuals and also many of our friends and suppliers. In particular we would like to thank:

Practical Van Hire, Sittingbourne for the loan of two vans which are so critical to our race.
Lakeland Computers
The Hideout
Kesson Physio
Romney Marsh Wools
AMC Foods
Anthony Rowcliffe & Son
Brogdale Collections
Chetna Makan
TQS Limited

We are now counting down to race day and cannot wait to get started. Ragnar has the potential to be a huge hit in the UK given that it is so unique. It is rare to be able to run one continuous race so far and all as part of a team, straight through the night.

Running is generally an individual sport but in this instance we will be putting our teamwork to the test and cannot wait to let everyone know how we get along.

Wish us luck and give us a shout as we go through our exchange point at the Abbey School on Saturday 23rd and as we continue through Whitstable and around Thanet.

Ragnar have appealed for any volunteers for the day of the 23rd . Given that the route is passing through this area there will be a number of opportunities during which you can join in the party atmosphere and support us as we run through. For more info please visit the website by clicking here! 

Thank you to all our customers and community for your continued support. If anyone would still like to contribute to our fundraising, please click here to visit our Virgin Giving page!


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