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Based in the East Kent downs, Ottinge Farm has seen three generations work the land and, in 1920, they welcomed their first cows to graze the pastures!

The team take pride in their rooted traditions, showing a deep respect for the land and the utmost care for their animals. They admit that it is a hard-working lifestyle, but the pride in sustaining the beautiful Kent countryside, the welfare of their cows, and the first-class quality of their milk makes it all worthwhile!

Otties, the most recent venture, is simply an extension of this idea! Their yoghurt, which comes in several flavours, is made from their own fresh milk on the farm that same morning. The result is a thick, creamy, luxurious yoghurt, using all natural flavours!

Otties’ pride in their cows means that they don’t want to take away from the natural flavour of the milk. Because of this, unlike most yoghurt manufacturers, they don’t standardise their milk. This means that as the seasons change, and the cows graze on varying grasses throughout the year, the milk varies in flavour. Otties’ embraces this allowing you to appreciate the natural taste and complexities in their yoghurt.

As well as natural, Otties offer flavoured yoghurts, available in strawberry, hazelnut, apricot & rhubarb – all made with natural ingredients!

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