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Made With Mimo

The very best in Spanish ingredients right here on our Kentish doorstep.

MM means Made with Mimo – an artisan collection from Spain featuring products totally hand picked, handmade and hand packed ready to enjoy in your home.

Mimo are an award-winning company with a cooking school, a tour agency and gourmet shops in San Sebastián, Sevilla and Mallorca. They firmly believe you can best experience a culture through its food and drink, its producers and chefs, and the love and ‘mimo’ they put into all their creations.

Mimo was founded in San Sebastian, Spain, in 2009 by local Kent born Englishman Jon Warren. Jon and his expert team have spent years travelling across the country, trying & sourcing the best products possible.

The MM collections is the delicious result of this expertise. From olives to honey, alioli to romanesco, the Mimo range is the very best in Spanish ingredients right here on your Kentish doorstep.

Keep an eye on our website for details of upcoming tastings!

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