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London Coffee Festival 2017

A day filled with fun, caffeine and new opportunities for our café! Check out all our pictures from the day below…

Here at the Macknade café, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to spend a day with thousands of other coffee aficionados at the London Coffee Festival. So, with the sun shining on a glorious Friday, we set off for Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane.

As soon as we walked through the door we were met by the incredible aromas of fresh coffee and the palpable buzz of excitement (and caffeine!) in the air. The array of different products, colours and smells from the numerous vendors made for a real assault on the senses and so, with taste buds tingling, we set off to explore.

The variety on offer was clear evidence of the ever evolving and expanding world of coffee and its accompaniments. As we wandered from stall to stall, not only were we able to sample some of the great products on offer, but also to learn a bit about the wonderful stories behind some of the brands. From small and exciting new business ventures, to big players in the coffee game, everyone was showcasing the freshest and most innovative ideas and providing huge inspiration for us here at Macknade.

One example of this was the Redemption Roasters. This is a new scheme to help young offenders reintegrate into society by training them in professional coffee roasting and as competition-level Baristas whilst they are still in prison. This allows them to gain the skills and expertise to help them find work in conjunction with Redemption’s contacts in the coffee industry, hopefully preventing any future re-offending. The coffee itself tasted great and we are hoping to be able to feature it as one of our guest blends in the café in the near future.

Later in the day we were lucky enough to squeeze ourselves right to the front to watch the World Latte Art Champion, Shinsaku Fukayama, showcase his amazing skills, making swans, sailing boats, monkeys and even spacemen on top of the lattes! Certainly something for our café team to practise.

After a fun and informative day, with our veins full of espresso and our bags full of goodies, it was time to bid farewell to the festival and head for home.

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