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John & Evelyn

John & Evelyn have been visiting our café almost every day since it opened.

Tell us a bit about yourself

John and I are a retired couple living locally in Faversham. My husband John spent most of his working life in construction, working both as a builder and as a building product supplier.

I moved to Faversham as a young lady and spent a number of years working for Canterbury City Council, as well as local shops and stores. Between us we have 135 years worth of local knowledge!

What food do you especially like to eat/cook?

Both John and I are especially fond of fish and eat it regularly. A particular favourite of ours is Oven Roasted Salmon with a Honey Dressing and fresh Macknade veggies. We also really enjoy the lovely free-range Macknade eggs with golden yolks for our breakfast!

What cuisines inspire you/do you enjoy most?

Both of us love eating traditional British dishes, so we are perhaps not the most adventurous. As I mentioned, we both particularly enjoy fish, and are always looking for new ways to prepare it.

How long have you been shopping with us?

We have been regular customers at Macknade for over 8 years and have been visiting the café since it opened!

What's your best memory of Macknade?

The café holds a special place in our heart. We love coming here for our tea and cake, and the staff are so friendly and helpful! (Pictured above is Evelyn – second right – with the team on the café’s sixth birthday!)

How would you describe Macknade to someone who hasn't been before?

It’s a fantastic food hall with excellent choice in all departments. The staff are so knowledgeable and always on hand to help or make recommendations.

What do you regularly buy?

First and foremost, tea and cake in the café! Other than that, our basket is always filled with lovely fresh fruit and veg from the shop. We regularly buy sweet potatoes & beetroot, and the satsumas are the best around. John puts them with his yoghurt and honey every morning.

What from Macknade would you take to a desert island?

It would have to be cheese. We especially love Sister Sarah and Ellie’s Dairy Goat Cheese. We’d also need some delicious crackers to eat it with.

What three products from Macknade would you recommend to a friend?

It’d hard to choose just three as there is such a long list of things we love, but it would probably be

  • Peppers Sausages, especially prepared by Roy, the Head the Butcher
  • Macknade No.2 Loose Leaf Tea
  • Any of the Goats Cheese!

Is there a recipe or food tip you can share with us?

I make a delicious Cheese and Onion Flan at home. Start by dicing a large Spanish onion and sauté in butter. Add three beaten eggs and a handful of grated Wookey Hole cheddar, season and garnish the top with extra cheese. Place in a hot oven and bake for 35 minutes at 180.

Which local producers/products would you recommend?

We are both fans of the Cheesemakers of Canterbury. We buy a lot of the Ashmore and the Bowyer’s Brie, and it’s great to know it is made so close to home.

What would you tell someone visiting us to do locally while they are in the area?

Standard Quay is well worth a visit. It’s a lovely walk past all the boats along the quayside and there are lots of local arts/crafts stalls and boutique shops too. You never know what you might find amongst the range of unusual artisan goods.

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