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Gaia Creations

Eco-friendly candles, created in Kent.

Gaia Creations came about when Kent dwellers, Ricky & Axel, embarked on a world-wide exploration in 2012. On their travels, the two met Trudy Pollard, an internationally recognised textile artist, who showed them the practices of natural fibre dyeing and candle making. Ricky and Axel enjoyed this so much that they brought the crafts home with them and took the leap in starting their own business.

All Gaia Creations’ candles are poured by hand in Kent, and created using unconventional methods to achieve a unique, quality product. The candles are made using pure soy wax, a sustainable and renewable material, and all their ingredients are biodegradable.

The soy wax also means the candles last 50% longer than traditional ones. So not only do these candles smell amazing, but they’re also the most environmentally friendly candles you can find.

Ricky and Axel also make reed diffusers in a range of different scents to help relieve stress, to calm and relax, or to boost energy!

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